Faculty & Position:Child Health Nursing  associate professor
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Researcher Profile & Settings

Academic & Professional Experience

  • 20142017Tokyo Healthcare University
  • 20122014Tokyo Healthcare University


  • 博士(保健学)

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Life sciences / Lifelong developmental nursing

Published Papers

  • Family Empowerment and Associated Factors in Japanese Families Raising a Child with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities
    Kaori Nishigaki
    International Journal of Nursing Sciences 2018 [Refereed]
  • Changes in Mothers' Psychosocial Perceptions of Technology-dependent Children and Adolescents at Home in Japan: Acknowledgement of Children's Autonomy
    Kaori Nishigaki, Yutaka Kanamori, Mari Ikeda, Masahiko Sugiyama, Hideko Minowa, Kiyoko Kamibeppu
    ASIAN NURSING RESEARCH 10(2) 100-105 Jun. 2016 [Refereed]
    Purpose: This research was conducted to reveal Japanese mothers' changing perceptions towards their technology-dependent children in the home care setting. Methods: Fourteen Japanese mothers participated in semi-structured interviews, which were analyzed using a grounded theory approach. Results: "Degree of preoccupation with the child" emerged as the category representing the mothers' perceptions towards their child. Three categories emerged that represented the progression of maternal perceptions over time: "accepting the child's conditions", "mastering the management of care in various conditions", and "considering social participation for the child". Conclusions: First, mothers gradually accepted the conditions of their child after his/her disease and disability were known. Second, others managed technology-required care and concurrently considered the social participation of their child through daily care at home. Third, the level of preoccupation with the child was affected by the mothers' management of care and their attitude towards the social participation of their child in home care. In this study, as is widely alleged in historical recognition of Japan, mothers provided daily care almost without help from other family members. Additionally, they thought it natural and good for their children. Above all, especially in Japan, professional support for mothers are necessary so that they can take breaks from care. Copyright (C) 2016, Korean Society of Nursing Science. Published by Elsevier.
  • Assessment of Quality of Life, Family Function and Family Empowerment for Families who provide Home Care for a Child with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities in Japan, Health and Quality of Life Outcomes―
    Rie Wakimizu, Hiroshi Fujioka, Chieko Numaguchi, Naho Sato, Kaori Nishigaki, Miyuki Kishino
     8(4) 304-317 Feb. 2016 [Refereed]
  • The Development and Implementation of the Maternal Mental Health Promotion Program for Expectant Mothers
    Mari Ikeda, Kaori Nishigaki, Miharu Kida, Ami Setoyama, Kyoko Kobayashi, Kiyoko Kamibeppu
    Open Journal of Nursing 4(13) 971-979 Dec. 2014 [Refereed]
  • Factors affecting Japanese HPV-vaccination: findings from the semi-structured interviews with adolescent girls and caregivers
    Rie Wakimizu, Kaori Nishigaki, Hiroshi Fujioka, Koji Maehara, Haruo Kuroki, Tadashi Saito, Katsuya Uduki
    Health 6(13) 1602-1615 Jun. 2014 [Refereed]
  • 在宅重症心身障害児主介護者のレスパイトケア利用希望に関連する要因
    西垣 佳織, 黒木 春郎, 藤岡 寛, 上別府 圭子
    小児保健研究 73(3) 475-483 May 2014 [Refereed]
  • How adolescent Japanese girls arrive at HPV vaccination: a semi-structured interview study
    Rie Wakimizu, Kaori Nishigaki, Hiroshi Fujioka, Koji Maehara, Haruo Kuroki, Tadashi Saito, Katsuya Uduki
    Nursing and Health Sciences 16(1) 15-25 Mar. 2014 [Refereed]
  • 母親が娘の子宮頸がん予防ワクチン接種を検討する際の阻害/促進要因に関する質的研究
    西垣 佳織, 涌水 理恵, 黒木 春郎, 前原 幸治, 斉藤 匡, 藤岡 寛, 卯月 勝弥, 日本外来小児科学会質的研究検討会
    外来小児科 17(1) 10-17 Mar. 2014 [Refereed]
  • 在宅重症心身障害児を対象としたレスパイトケアの利用/提供に関連する要因
    西垣 佳織, 黒木 春郎, 江川 文誠, 藤岡 寛, 上別府 圭子
    外来小児科 13(2) 98-108 Jul. 2010 [Refereed]

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