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Researcher Profile & Settings


  • Ph.D


    Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing, RN PHN PSW


  • 博士(保健学)

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • 必要な精神医療を受けずに子どもと同居している母親への支援 アウトリーチ推進事業による手厚い支援の分析
    村方 多鶴子, 角田 秋
    精神障害とリハビリテーション 21(2) 188-195 Nov. 2017 [Refereed]
  • Japanese Outreach Model Project for patients who have difficulty maintaining contact with mental health services: Comparison of care between higher-functioning and lower-functioning groups.
    Tsunoda A, Kido Y, Kayama M
    Japan journal of nursing science : JJNS Oct. 2017 [Refereed]
  • Training of children and adolescents’ mental health nursing for nursing students in Japan
    Akiko Funakoshi, Aki Tsunoda, Yuki Hada
    Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 7(9) 34-41 Apr. 2017 [Refereed]
  • Community outreach for patients who have difficulties in maintaining contact with mental health services: longitudinal retrospective study of the Japanese outreach model project.
    Kayama M, Kido Y, Setoya N, Tsunoda A, Matsunaga A, Kikkawa T, Fukuda T, Noguchi M, Mishina K, Masaaki N, Ito J
    BMC psychiatry 14 311 Nov. 2014 [Refereed]
  • Nursing care delivery in Japanese psychiatric units
    Sawada A、Porter S、Kayama M、Setoya N、Miyamoto Y、Tsunoda A
    British Journal of Nursing 15(17) 920-925 2006
  • Japanese Outreach Model Project for patients who have difficulty maintaining contact with mental health services: Comparison of care between higher and lower functioning groups.
    Aki Tsunoda, Yoshifumi Kido, Mami Kayama
    Japan Journal of Nursing Science in press [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Evaluating the characteristics of psychiatric outreach teams, care, and service users on the Japanese Outreach Model Project
    Aki Tsunoda, Mami Kayama, Yoshifumi Kido
    19th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars Mar. 2016
  • Identification of Nursing Care delivered in Japanese Psychiatric Units
    Aki Sawada, Yuki Miyamoto, Nozomi Setoya, Mami Kayama, Hiroaki Ambo, Ayami Matsuura, Miki Akiyama, Akiko Funakoshi, Mieko Kimura, and Aki Tsunoda.
    International Council of Nurses 23rd Quadrennial Congress 2005
  • External validity of a workload measurement of psychiatric nursing in Japan
    Aki Sawada, Mami Kayama, Nozomi Setoya, Aki Tsunoda, et al.
    JANS Fifth International Nursing Research Conference 2004


  • 【統合失調症のベストプラクティス】 (第II部)各論 心理社会的治療 精神科訪問看護
    萱間 真美, 角田 秋, 中嶋 秀明
    精神科治療学 31(増刊) 295-298 Oct. 2016
  • Outreach for People with Mental Health Problems Who are Receiving Public Assistance::Needs of Change in Community Mental Health Outreach Support
    Hirokawa Seiko, Oyama Sakiko, Oshima Iwao, Tsunoda Aki, Soeda Masahiro, Murashima Sachiyo, Kayama Mami
    Iryo To Shakai 22(4) 343-357 2013
    This study was conducted to examine the support contents of municipality services, in relation to outreach for persons receiving public assistance who are "difficult to engage," such as untreated persons or those who have dropped out of receiving psychiatric services.An interview was carried out with nurses and psychiatric social workers responsible for outreach support for people with mental health problems who were receiving public assistance. The interview data were qualitatively analyzed.Clients who had difficulties in engaging interpersonally did not recognize their need for assistance, and it was difficult for health care professionals to establish relationships with them. The professionals identified the need to have sufficient process time to develop relationships with their clients and families before proceeding with their work. As one of the main roles of health professionals, nurses have been expected to provide medical care, and psychiatric social workers have been expected to provide case management. However, more effectiveness was recognized in a team approach than in the single occupational approach.For developing outreach service using a nongovernment organization in the future, it will be necessary for health care professionals to acquire skills in relationshipbuilding, family assessment, care management and coordination. In addition, education on these skills will become necessary in professional education.

Awards & Honors

  • Dec. 2013 Japan Journal of Nursing Science Manuscript Recognition Award Classification of Outreach Services by Home-Visiting Nurses in Japan for People with Schizophrenia

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