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Faculty & Position:Women’s Health/Midwifery  professor
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  • Master of Nursing

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Apr. 2020- TodayShonan Kamakura University of Medical Sciences
  • Apr. 2014Mar. 2020professor, St.Luke's International University

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  • 看護学修士
  • 看護学博士

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Life sciences / Clinical nursing

Published Papers

  • Effectiveness of a Spousal Support Program in Improving the Quality of Life of Male Patients Undergoing Infertility Treatment: A Pilot Study
    Asazawa,K, Jitsuzaki,M, Mori,A, Ichikawa,T, Shinozaki,K
    International Journal of Community Based Nursing and Midwifery 8(1) 23-33 Jan. 2020 [Refereed]
  • Quality‐of‐life predictors for men undergoing infertility treatment in Japan
    Kyoko Asazawa, Mina Jitsuzaki, Akiko Mori, Tomohiko Ichikawa, Katsuko Shinozaki, Sarah E. Porter
    Japan Academy of Nursing Science Dec. 2018 [Refereed]
  • Validity and Reliability of the Japanese Version of the Fertility Quality of Life (FertiQoL) Tool for Couples Undergoing Fertility Treatment
    Asazawa K, Jitsuzaki M, Mori A, Ichikawa T, Shinozaki K, Yoshida A, Kawanami M, Kamiyama H
    Open Journal of Nursing 08(09) 616-628 Sep. 2018 [Refereed]
  • Supportive Care Needs and Medical Care Requests of Male Patients during Infertility Treatment
    Asazawa K, Jitsuzaki M, MORI A, Ichikawa T, Shinozaki K
    Open Journal of Nursing 8(4) 235-247 Apr. 2018 [Refereed]
  • Certified Infertility Nurses' Perceptions and Practice on Male Infertility Nursing and Related Factors
    Mori A, Asazawa K, Hoshi R, Yumura Y
    Open Journal of Nursing 8(1) 1-13 Jan. 2018 [Refereed]
  • Maternal perceptions of family-centered support and their associations with the mother-nurse relationship in the neonatal intensive care unit
    Shimizu A, MORI A
    Journal of Clinical Nursing 27 e1589-e1599 Dec. 2017 [Refereed]
  • Development of a partnership causal model for couples undergoing fertility treatment
    Asazawa K, MORI A
    Jpn J Nurs Sci 12(3) 208-221 Jul. 2015 [Refereed]
  • Supporting stress management for women undergoing the early stage of fertility treatment: A cluster-randomized controlled trial
    MORI Akiko
    JAPAN JOURNAL OF NURSING SCIENCE 6(1) 37-49 Jun. 2009 [Refereed]
  • History of a Health Center's Activities in an Urban City in Japan-From 1935 to 1999 in Cyuo-ku, Tokyo.
    (28) 1-17 Mar. 2002
    This study aimed to analyze and clarify the historical changes in public health activities in an urban city in Japan.Chuo-ku Health Center, founded in 1935 and the first urban health center in Japan, was chosen as the site for this investigation. Historical materials from 1935 to 1999 were analyzed from the perspective of primary health care (PHC).Five periods were identified based on social conditions and the focus of public health activities. These periods are : time of war (1935-1945); ten years after WWII (1945-1955); rapid economic growth (1956-1974); increase in the aging population (1975-1988); and making the infrastructure for an aged society (1988-1999). These periods correspond to health transition phase I (1935-1955), health transition phaseII (1956-1988) and health transition phase III (1988- ). Findings describing each period are summarized in chronological tables.
  • A Comparison of Reproductive Health Knowledge Between Malawian and Japanese women
    Nasoro Ethel Fortunate, Arimori N, MORI A, Horiuchi S
     6(2) 106-115 Sep. 2001 [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Effectiveness of a spousal support program in improving the quality of life of infertile men in Japan: a pilot study
    K. Asazawa, M. Jitsuzaki, A. MORI, T. Ichikawa, K. Shinozaki
    35th Annual Meeting, Europian Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology Jun. 2019
  • Development of a quality of life causal model for men undergoing fertility treatment
    K.Asazawa, A.MORI, M.Jitsuzaki, T.Ichikawa, K.Shinozaki
    34th ESHRE Annual meeting Jul. 2018
  • Factors related to partnership for couples undergoing fertility treatment
    The 16th EAFONS Feb. 2013
  • Role of the fertility nurse in Japan
    MORI Akiko
    Royal College of Nursing Fertility Nurse Group Annual Conference & Exhibition Feb. 2005


  • 女性がん患者のリプロダクティブヘルスに関するオンコロジーナースの学習と連携のニーズ 妊孕性温存療法に焦点を当てて
    森 明子, 樺澤 三奈子, 松尾 七重, 林 直子, 中山 直子
    日本がん看護学会誌 31 137-144 Apr. 2017
  • オンコロジーナースの妊孕性温存療法に関する女性がん患者への対応の困難とチーム間連携における要望
    森 明子, 樺澤 三奈子, 松尾 七重, 林 直子
    日本がん看護学会誌 30(Suppl.) 276-276 Jan. 2016
  • がん生殖医療の視点から女性がん患者のリプロダクティブヘルスに関する選択を支援するための看護を考える
    森明子, 林直子, 樺澤三奈子, 松尾七重
    日本看護科学学会学術集会講演集 35th 454-454 Nov. 2015
  • 女性がん患者のリプロダクティブヘルスに関する研究の動向と看護教育プログラムへの示唆
    林直子, 森明子, 鈴木久美, 中山直子, 高橋奈津子, 樺澤三奈子, 府川晃子, 大畑美里, 本田晶子, 宇都宮明美, 池口佳子, 櫻井文乃, 細田志衣, 前田邦枝, 増澤祐子
    日本がん看護学会誌 29(Suppl.) 168-168 Jan. 2015
  • Examining the Outcome Measure of the Program for Preschool Age Children “Knowing Our Body“
    (34) 36-45 Mar. 2008
  • 志望動機の比較 学部4年次教育課程と大学院修士課程において
    桃井 雅子, 片岡 弥恵子, 森 明子, 有森 直子, 江藤 宏美, 大隅 香, 堀内 成子, 小陽 美紀, 土屋 円香
    日本助産学会誌 20(3) 127-127 Feb. 2007
  • Development of a graduate program in women's health and midwifery education and utilizing of international exchange agreement.
    (32) 28-36 Mar. 2006
    St. Luke's College of Nursing (SLCN) has expanded its graduate program by adding a Women's Health and Midwiferycourse in April 2005. There were major challenges both within the college and with other institutions in developing this new program. There are two courses, one for academic researchers and one for advanced practitioners. Permission to implement the program was granted with the understanding that, in addition to completing the master's course, those advanced practitioners who wish to qualify to sit for the national midwifery exam must also enroll in the specified courses necessary to take the exam. In the interest of developing midwifery education in the master's program, in August 2004 we invited faculty from our sister school, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) School of Nursing, and held a seminar. This was easily accomplished due to the International Exchange Agreement between OHSU and SLCN. The seminar included the introduction and comparison of the midwifery programs at each institution, an educational lecture, observing training at the college, and visiting a birth center. In February of the following year we visited OHSU. In order to pr
  • 不妊治療中の女性がストレスを軽減できるようなケアプログラムにおける教材開発
    森 明子, 小陽 美紀, 堀内 成子, 桃井 雅子, 有森 直子
    日本看護科学学会学術集会講演集 24回 597-597 Dec. 2004
  • Perceived "Primary Health Issues and Care" and Experiences of Volunteer Activities of Nursing Students
    Mitsuhashi Yasuko, Tashiro Junko, Ozawa Michiko, Hishinuma Michiko, Kawagoe Hiromi, Mori Akiko, Arakida Mikako, Murai Fumie, Noguchi Makiko
    Journal of St. Luke's Society of Nursing Research 8(1) 36-43 Jun. 2004
    Today, although nursing students report working as volunteers in various community agencies, nursing higher educational institutions have just begun developing programs to prepare students as competent volunteers. Toward that end, the purpose of this study was to describe nursing students' perceptions of primary health issues and care, experiences of volunteer activities, and nursing students' needs to be supported for volunteer work. The Institutional Review Board of St. Luke's College of Nursing granted approval of this study. Sixteen nursing students were recruited after they read an informational poster about the study. Taped and transcribed focus group discussion data was analyzed using content analysis. The primary health issue identified by students was a healthy lifestyle that included diet, exercise, rest and sleep. Students reported that they knew the primary health issue, however they personally had difficulty practicing a healthy lifestyle. They used their nursing knowledge gained in the nursing program as they cared for family members or friends. They also discussed issues of a healthy lifestyle with those close to them. With regards to students' volunteer experience, thirteen of the sixteen participants reported working in elderly homes or hospitals as volunteers as junior or senior high school students. Also, some students worked in developing countries as volunteers. They all reported their volunteer work was not intended to address primary health issues in the community. In addition, the other people they worked with were not family or friends but strangers. Therefore, while they reported what they learned from their volunteer work, it did not occur to them to clarify the meaning of their volunteer work for the recipients. Their perception of primary health issues and care were within family members and friends, those close to themselves. The participants had minimal understanding of primary health issues and care of strangers and the impact or meaning of their volunteer work in the community. Further investigation is needed to explore how to use the volunteer experience to assist nursing students in developing a sense of professional caring for the broader community.
  • わが国における初の遺伝看護教育プログラム 一般看護職向けの遺伝看護セミナー
    溝口 満子, 有森 直子, 守田 美奈子, 安藤 広子, 中込 さと子, 森 明子, 堀内 成子
    Quality Nursing 8(8) 675-684 Aug. 2002
  • 看護職に必要な遺伝看護実践能力(2) デルファイ調査・看護職の回答から
    有森 直子, 中込 さと子, 溝口 満子, 守田 美奈子, 安藤 広子, 森 明子, 堀内 成子
    日本看護科学学会学術集会講演集 21回 220-220 Dec. 2001
  • 看護職に必要な遺伝看護実践能力(1) 遺伝医療現場の実態調査
    中込 さと子, 有森 直子, 溝口 満子, 安藤 広子, 守田 美奈子, 森 明子, 堀内 成子
    日本看護科学学会学術集会講演集 21回 72-72 Dec. 2001
  • 「不妊患者支援のための看護ガイドライン-不妊の検査と治療のプロセス-」の作成
    森 明子, 有森 直子, 岸田 佐智, 村本 淳子, 清水 清美, 長岡 由紀子, 浅見 万里子, 福井 トシ子, 高崎 由佳理, 福田 貴美子
    日本不妊学会雑誌 46(4) 382-382 Oct. 2001
  • 家族計画の実施における国際比較 マラウイと日本(A Comparison of Reproductive Health Knowledge Between Malawian and Japanese women)
    Nasoro Ethel Fortunate, 有森 直子, 森 明子, 堀内 成子
    聖路加看護学会誌 5(2) 27-27 Sep. 2001
  • Collaboration Between a Project in Northeast Brazil and the Department of Maternal Infant Nursing and Midwifery at St.Luke's College of Nursing from 1996 to 2000.
    HORIUCHI Shigeko, ARIMORI Naoko, KATAGIRI Masumi, OKAMURA Haruko, MOMOI Masako, MORI Akiko, MITSUHASHI Yasuko, MORI Taeko
    Bulletin of St. Luke's College of Nursing(27) 26-34 Mar. 2001
    This report traces international cooperation for a project between Brazil and the Department of Maternal infant Nursing and Midwifery at St. Luke's College of nursing over the past five years. As one of our goals as members of the WHO Collaborating Center for Nursing Development in Primary Health Care, we are searching for effective strategies to ensure safe motherhood.The Maternal and Child Health Improvement Project in Northeast Brazil was launched in April 1996, and will be carried out though march 2001 in the State of Ceara. This project is collaboration between the Government of the Federal Republic of Brazil and the Government of Japan with the purpose of improving health conditions in Northeast Brazil. One of the objectives of the project is to improve maternal and child health services and to promote health education activities at the community level by including the training of community - based health personnel.The initial survey revealed that cesarean section rates were high and there was much artificial intervention. In addition, laboring women did not receive humanistic care. It was felt that delivery related care, including care at the primary level, Would
  • マタニティサイクルにある女性と子どもに対する継続的な一貫したケアの提供に関する検討 母親学級の改革とその評価
    中窪 優子, 新 秋枝, 斉藤 京子, 黒川 寿美江, 田口 亜紀, 秋屋 伸子, 池永 玲子, 伊藤 綾夏, 三橋 恭子, 有森 直子, 堀内 成子, 森 明子, 大久保 功子
    聖路加健康科学誌 7〜8 1-8 Oct. 2000
  • 産褥3ヵ月迄の母子の眠りの関連性
    江藤 宏美, 堀内 成子, 森 明子, 三橋 恭子, 有森 直子, 片桐 麻州美, 桃井 雅子, 岡村 晴子
    日本助産学会誌 13(3) 120-121 Mar. 2000
  • 不妊治療施設における看護者のジレンマ・ストレスの分析
    森 明子, 有森 直子, 村本 淳子
    日本助産学会誌 12(3) 196-199 May 1999
  • 【助産婦教育 どこで行うか 質と量の確保】 4年制大学での助産婦教育 聖路加看護大学の助産教育
    有森 直子, 片桐 麻州美, 片岡 弥恵子, 森 明子, 三橋 恭子, 桃井 雅子, 堀内 成子
    助産婦雑誌 53(4) 291-295 Apr. 1999
  • 不妊治療施設における看護者の役割機能と関連要因の分析
    森 明子, 有森 直子, 村本 淳子
    母性衛生 39(3) 172-172 Sep. 1998

Awards & Honors

  • Dec. 2010 Japan Nursing Science Society ; Supporting stress management for women undergoing the early stage of fertility treatment: A cluster-randomized controlled trial

Social Contribution

Social Contribution

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