Oka Miyuki

Faculty & Position:Women’s Health/Midwifery  assistant professor
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  • 看護学 (修士)(聖路加国際大学)

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Identifying clinical and educational difficulties of midwives in an Indonesian government hospital maternity ward: Towards improving childbirth care
    Yasuko Nagamatsu, Rie Tanaka, Miyuki Oka, Naoko Maruyama, Yenita Agus, Shigeko Horiuchi
    Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 7(11) 2017 [Refereed]
  • Evaluation of an Educational Program for Nurses About Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness in Rural Tanzania
    Miyuki Oka
    St. Luke's International University

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Effectiveness of Team Based Learning in Knowledge Enhancement of Perinatal Nursing Students
    Miyuki Oka
    2019 Team-Based Learning Collaborative Meeting Mar. 2019
  • Evaluation of nurses' perceptions of the educational program on antenatal counseling program in rural Tanzania
    Miyuki Oka
    The 20th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars (EAFONS) Mar. 2017
  • Evaluation of an Educational Program for Nurses About Birth Preparedness and Complication readiness in Rural Tanzania
    Miyuki Oka
    East, Central and Southern Africa College of Nursing (ECSACON) Sep. 2016


  • 周産期看護学におけるチーム基盤型学習(Team-based learning:TBL) 異なる学習期間および学生構成による比較
    五十嵐 ゆかり, 下田 佳奈, 岡 美雪, 増澤 祐子
    日本助産学会誌 32(3) 543-543 Feb. 2019
  • Effects of a job aid-supported intervention during antenatal care visit in rural Tanzania
    Miyuki Oka, Shigeko Horiuchi, Yoko Shimpuku, Frida Madeni, Sebalda Leshabari
    International Journal of Africa Nursing Sciences 10 31-37 Jan. 2019 [Refereed]
    © 2018 The Authors Background: In developing countries, nurses’ counseling during antenatal care (ANC) visits remains insufficient. We examined the effects of a job aid-supported intervention on understanding the danger signs and improving the caring behaviors of nurses to women in rural Tanzania. Methods: This was a hospital-based research using a quasi-experimental pre-post study design. All nurses engaged in ANC counseling participated in a three-hour training covering counseling skills, pregnancy danger signs, use of a job aid, and quality of caring behaviors. The sample consisted of women who attended the ANC clinic and had no intrauterine fetal death. The primary outcome was perception of receiving information on the danger signs by women. The secondary outcome was impressions of women regarding the caring behaviors of nurses. Women answered questionnaires following ANC counseling (baseline) and two weeks postintervention (endline). Results: Of 318 women, 148 participated at baseline and 170 at endline. Regarding receiving information on danger signs, the mean baseline score of 4.92 (SD = 2.99) and the mean endline score of 6.66 (SD = 2.38) were significantly different (t = 5.646, p <.01). Regarding impressions of the nurses’ caring behavior, the mean total baseline score of 26.17 (range, 6–30; SD = 11.19) and the mean total endline score of 27.63 (SD = 6.81) were significantly different (t = 4.299, p <.01). Conclusion: The job aid-supported intervention during ANC counseling found differences in the responses to receiving information on the danger signs of pregnancy and in identifying the caring behaviors of nurses to women.
  • 早産児を出産した母親の産褥早期の母乳分泌を促す搾乳ケア 文献レビュー
    田中 利枝, 岡 美雪, 北園 真希, 丸山 菜穂子, 堀内 成子
    日本助産学会誌 32(1) 15-26 Jun. 2018 [Refereed]
    目的 産科看護者に向けた、早産児の母親の産褥早期の母乳分泌を促す教育プログラムを開発する端緒として、母親の母乳分泌を促すための搾乳ケアについて探索する。対象と方法 PubMed、CINAHL Plus with Full Text、医学中央雑誌Web、Ver.5を用い文献検索を行った。さらにCochrane Libraryに掲載されている搾乳に関するレビューに用いられている文献を追加した。その中からタイトル、抄録、本文を参考に、早産児の母親の母乳分泌量をアウトカムとする文献を抽出し、Cochrane Handbook、RoBANS、GRADE Handbookを用い、文献の質の評価を行った。また、研究目的、方法、結果について整理し、母親の母乳分泌を促すための搾乳ケアを抽出した。結果 35文献が抽出され、介入研究24件、観察研究11件であった。無作為化、隠蔽化、盲検化に関する記述が不十分で、サンプルサイズが検討されていないなど、ランダム化比較試験の質は低く、交絡変数の検討が不十分なために非ランダム化比較試験の質も低かったが、観察研究から実践に活用可能と考えられるエビデンスが得られた。早産児を出産した母親の母乳分泌を促すための搾乳ケアでは、分娩後、可能な限り1時間以内に搾乳を開始すること、1日7回以上の搾乳回数、1日100分以上の搾乳時間を確保すること、手搾乳と電動搾乳の両方について十分な説明を行い、乳汁生成II期に入るまで電動搾乳に1日6回以上の手搾乳を追加すること、カンガルーケアを実施することが有用だとわかった。結論 今後は、産科看護者による早産児を出産した母親への搾乳ケアに関する実態把握を行い、母親の母乳分泌を促すための搾乳ケアが実践できるような教育プログラムを開発していく。(著者抄録)
  • 妊娠後期女性におけるクラリセージ・ラベンダー精油、ジャスミン精油による足浴前後のオキシトシン・コルチゾールの変化 非無作為化臨床試験
    田所 由利子, 堀内 成子, 高畑 香織, 岡 美雪, 周尾 卓也, 片岡 弥恵子, 八重 ゆかり
    日本助産学会誌 31(3) 319-319 Feb. 2018
  • A feasibility study of an educational program on obstetric danger signs among pregnant adolescents in Tanzania: A mixed-methods study
    Beatrice Mwilike, Beatrice Mwilike, Kana Shimoda, Miyuki Oka, Sebalda Leshabari, Yoko Shimpuku, Shigeko Horiuchi, Shigeko Horiuchi
    International Journal of Africa Nursing Sciences 8 33-43 Jan. 2018 [Refereed]
    © 2018 The Authors Background: In Tanzania, adolescents have a high lifetime risk of dying from pregnancy and childbirth complications. Objective: To determine the feasibility of an education program in improving knowledge of obstetric danger signs and promoting appropriate healthcare-seeking behavior, as well as encouraging the development of a peer network support group. Methods: An embedded mixed-methods design was used. This research was a pilot study conducted in a health facility in rural Tanzania. Quantitative data was collected before and after the education program using questionnaires. Focus group discussion was used to collect qualitative data. Results: 15 pregnant adolescents between 15 and 19 years of age participated. Their median age was 18.0 years (SD ± 1.19), and 66.7% were ≤18 years. There was a significant increase in the scores of knowledge of danger signs during pregnancy between the pre-test (M = 7.20, SD = 2.83) and the post-test (M = 9.07, SD = 1.67); t = 2.168, p = 0.048. There was a significant strong positive correlation between the healthcare-seeking behavior score and social support score variables [r = 0.654, p = 0.008]. The education program was feasible in terms of implementation, acceptability, and demand as indicated by its >84% score. Four categories were identified from the qualitative data: “supportive family”, “rejection and abortion”, “support from peers”, and “potential barriers to seek care”. Conclusion: The development of an education program particularly on obstetric danger signs was feasible and helpful for pregnant adolescents in Tanzania.
  • Expansion of the International Cooporation Seminar in Women’s Health and Midwifery, the Graduate Program, to Tanzania
     1 46-51 Mar. 2015
  • 出生前診断で胎児異常と指摘された妊婦との関わりで生じた陰性感情
    岡 美雪, 村上 良子
    東京都福祉保健医療学会誌 平成25年度(口頭・ポスターセッション発表) 142-143 Nov. 2013

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