Faculty & Position:Adult Nursing/Oncology Nursing/Palliative Care Nursing   associate professor
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Researcher Profile & Settings


    Adult Nursing(Critical Care Nursing, Oncology Nursing/Palliative Care Nursing)

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, St. Luke's International University School of Nursing


  • 看護学修士

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Nursing / Fundamental nursing

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Managing Ethical Issues by Critical Care Certified Nurse Specialist in Japan:A Literature Review
    Miku Kamada, Akiko Komatsuzaki ,Naoko Takanashi,Yoko Taki,Mari Yamamoto, Akimi Utsunimiya
    The 17th Joint Scientific Congress of the KSCCM and JSICM Apr. 2017
  • Interview Report about respiratory nursing practice of new graduate nurses
    Sugiyama, F. Akemi Utsunomiya. Masuda, M. Tsukahara, D. Myojin, T.
    Asia Pacific Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare 2016 Nov. 2016
  • Present Status of Critical Care Activity of CNSS in Japan
    The 6th AATS?ASCVTS Postgraduate Course.ASCVTS 2013. The 21st Annual Meeting of the Asian Society for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery. Apr. 2013


  • Program Evaluation and Description of Change with Advanced Clinical Nursing Practice Course Students to Participating Three Day Seminar Program for Team Building in the Master's Programs.
    (39) 36-46
     St. Luke’s college of nursing graduate school held the“ Three Days Seminar Program for Team Building”with the 24 participants of the advanced clinical nursing practice course students, as part of the master’sprogram special lecture“ Team Building ” . The authors evaluated the program based on the questionnaires,filled by the participants before and after the program, about ① Team building ability, ② Team assessmentability and ③ Program satisfactions. The seminar consisted of short lectures; What is team in health care? etc., the challenge program;Experiential leaning cycle program based on the adventure activities, case studies with team approach, andpresentations with small groups. These were organized to increase the depth of the team ability based onthe experience and debriefing. According to the questionnaires compared before the program to after, the “following own decision” ( p =0.01) and the “ self-conscious ” ( p <0.01) on the scale of the independent andinterdependent construal of self were decreased. Meanwhile, the “ relation and membership ” ( p <0.01),the“ measure for problem solving ”( p <0.01)

Social Contribution

Social Contribution

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