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  • Evaluation methods and impact of simulation-based training in pediatric surgery: a systematic review.
    Yokoyama S, Mizunuma K, Kurashima Y, Watanabe Y, Mizota T, Poudel S, Kikuchi T, Kawai F, Shichinohe T, Hirano S
    Pediatric surgery international Aug. 2019 [Refereed]
  • Morphine Use for Heart Failure Patients with Renal Insufficiency.
    Ohmori T, Mizuno A, Kawai F, Oya K, Okamura T, Oishi S, Shibata T, Sakashita A, Kishi T, Kashiwagi H
    Journal of palliative medicine 22(6) 617-618 Jun. 2019 [Refereed]
  • Bibliographic title search for medical cardiological "signs" (eponyms).
    Kanie T, Mizuno A, Kawai F, Iri T, Suzuki T, Oshima S, Fukui S, Son R, Matsuo T
    Journal of general and family medicine 19(6) 223-225 Nov. 2018 [Refereed]
  • Japanese clinical practice guidelines for allied disorders of Hirschsprung's disease, 2017.
    Muto M, Matsufuji H, Taguchi T, Tomomasa T, Nio M, Tamai H, Tamura M, Sago H, Toki A, Nosaka S, Kuroda T, Yoshida M, Nakajima A, Kobayashi H, Sou H, Masumoto K, Watanabe Y, Kanamori Y, Hamada Y, Yamataka A, Shimojima N, Kubota A, Ushijima K, Haruma K, Fukudo S, Araki Y, Kudo T, Obata S, Sumita W, Watanabe T, Fukahori S, Fujii Y, Yamada Y, Jimbo K, Kawai F, Fukuoka T, Onuma S, Morizane T, Ieiri S, Esumi G, Jimbo T, Yamasaki T
    Pediatrics international : official journal of the Japan Pediatric Society 60(5) 400-410 May 2018 [Refereed]
  • Comprehensive Search for Adverse Events while Developing Clinical Practice Guidelines
    重川 須賀子, 加藤 砂織, 河合 富士美, 山口 直比古, 佐山 暁子, 鈴木 孝明, 森實 敏夫, 小島原 典子
    医学図書館 = Journal of the Japan Medical Libraries Association 65(1) 42-48 Mar. 2018
  • Development of Evidence-based Guidelines in the Occupational Health Field
    KOJIMAHARA Noriko, KIYOHARA Kosuke, SATO Yasuto, ENDO Motoki, KAWAI Fujimi, MORIZANE Toshio, YAMAGUCHI Naohito
    Journal of Tokyo Women's Medical University 88(1) E19-E26 2018

    Following the publication of the Minds Handbook in 2014, the quality of Japanese clinical practice guidelines improved substantially. We created a procedure for developing evidence-based guidelines in the occupational health field that can be used by individual organizations in Japan.

    Organizing the guidelines task forces and choosing the key health issues are essential initial steps. Next, it is important to use the population, intervention, control, and outcomes (PICO) format with elements composed of review questions (RQ) for occupational health practice. When high-quality guidance or systematic reviews exist with concordant inclusion criteria and PICO, adaptation can be considered, and recommendations that reflect domestic conditions can be formulated. When no appropriate systematic review exists, a new and transparent systematic review of randomized control trials (RCTs) should be performed. Before publication, collecting public comments and creating an external review board ensure that various opinions are reflected in the final draft, especially for recommendations.

    The development of occupational health guidelines differs from clinical practice guidelines because of corporate preferences, particularly regarding cost and resources, and the choice of literature databases. Although there are few RCTs in the Japanese occupational health field, developing evidence-based guidelines may help determine which future research questions should be prioritized in Japan.

  • LibQUAL+を用いた図書館サービス評価 聖路加国際大学の事例
    佐山 暁子, 河合 富士美, 松本 直子, 佐藤 晋巨, 及川 はるみ, 金澤 淳子, 藤田 寛之, 新沼 久美, 薮 純夫, 廣瀬 清人
    医学情報サービス研究大会抄録集 34回 24-24 Aug. 2017
  • Outline of PRESS Peer Review of Electronic Search Strategies
    河合 富士美, 山口 直比古, 加藤 砂織, 重川 須賀子, 佐山 暁子, 森實 敏夫, 小島原 典子
    医学図書館 = Journal of the Japan Medical Libraries Association 64(2) 75-78 Jun. 2017
  • Potential palliative care quality indicators in heart disease patients: A review of the literature.
    Mizuno A, Miyashita M, Hayashi A, Kawai F, Niwa K, Utsunomiya A, Kohsaka S, Kohno T, Yamamoto T, Takayama M, Anzai T
    Journal of cardiology 70(4) 335-341 Apr. 2017 [Refereed]
    :In spite of the increasing interest in palliative care for heart disease, data on the detailed methods of palliative care and its efficacy specifically in heart disease are still lacking. A structured PubMed literature review revealed no quality indicators of palliative care in heart disease. Therefore, we performed a narrative overview of the potential quality indicators in heart disease by revi
  • 世界標準を目指して:聖路加国際大学における図書館サービス評価ツールLibQUAL+の実施結果
    佐山暁子, 河合富士美, 松本直子, 佐藤晋巨, 佐藤晋巨, 及川はるみ, 金澤淳子, 藤田寛之, 新沼久美, 薮純夫, 廣瀬清人
    聖路加国際大学紀要 3 152‐157 Mar. 2017
  • Comments: Formal Research Training for Residents and Scholarly Output: It's Now or Never.
    Mizuno A, Kawai F, Takahashi O
    Journal of graduate medical education 8(1) 112 Feb. 2016 [Refereed]
  • 小児期からの希少難治性消化管疾患の移行期を包含するガイドラインの確立に関する研究 ヒルシュスプルング病類縁疾患
    松藤凡, 中島淳, 窪田昭男, 住田亙, 金森豊, 下島直樹, 濱田吉則, 増本幸二, 山高篤行, 村永文学, 友政剛, 小林弘幸, 河合富士美, 荒木夕宇子, 山田洋平, 狩野元宏, 高橋信博, 清水隆弘, そう英樹, 松浦俊治, 宮田潤子, 江角元史郎, 神保教広, 小幡聡, 柳忠宏, 眞部紀明
    小児期からの希少難治性消化管疾患の移行期を包含するガイドラインの確立に関する研究 平成27年度 総括・分担研究報告書 17‐40,42‐260 2016
  • 小児期からの希少難治性消化管疾患の移行期を包含するガイドラインの確立に関する研究 先天性吸収不全症
    位田忍, 虫明聡太郎, 工藤孝広, 松井陽, 新井勝大, 工藤豊一郎, 米倉竹夫, 土岐彰, 永田公二, 玉井浩, 石井智浩, 幾瀬圭, 友政剛, 村山圭, 柳忠宏, 河合富士美
    小児期からの希少難治性消化管疾患の移行期を包含するガイドラインの確立に関する研究 平成27年度 総括・分担研究報告書 285‐321 2016
  • Physical Examination Has Been Paid Less Attention to Compared to Diagnostic Imaging: from a Bibliometric Analysis of PubMed
    Mizuno Atsushi;Kawai Fujimi;Shimizu Taro
    Journal of General and Family Medicine 17(1) 109-112 2016
    Physical examination is still needed in this modern era in spite of the recent development of advanced imaging modalities. However, not only clinicians but also researchers (including clinical researchers) seem to pay less attention to physical examination as a research topic. A PubMed search revealed that instead of an increasing percentage of diagnostic imaging articles, there were decreasing pe
  • 小児期からの希少難治性消化管疾患の移行期を包含するガイドラインの確立に関する研究 ヒルシュスプルング病類縁疾患
    松藤凡, 中島淳, 窪田昭男, 渡邉芳夫, 金森豊, 下島直樹, 濱田吉則, 増本幸二, 山高篤行, 村永文学, 友政剛, 小林弘幸, 河合富士美, 荒木夕宇子, 山田洋平, 狩野元宏, 高橋信博, 清水隆弘, そう英樹, 松浦俊治, 宮田潤子, 江角元史郎, 神保教広, 小幡聡, 柳忠宏, 眞部紀明
    小児期からの希少難治性消化管疾患の移行期を包含するガイドラインの確立に関する研究 平成26年度 総括・分担研究報告書 11‐12 2015
  • Current Condition and Issues of Study Support Services and Space Development : Based on a Needs Survey Conducted at St. Luke's College of Nursing Library
    佐藤 晋巨, 河合 富士美, 松本 直子
    聖路加国際大学紀要 = Bulletin of St. Luke's International University 1 88-92 2015
  • Utilization of QUADAS-2; a Revised Tool for the Quality Assessment of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies 2 as a Risk of Bias Evaluation Tool
    薬理と治療 42(Suppl.2) S127-S134 Nov. 2014
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines and Systematic Review
    薬理と治療 42(3) 189-197 Mar. 2014
  • Utilization of QUADAS-2; a revised tool for the quality assessment of diagnostic accuracy studies 2 as a risk of bias evaluation tool
    Noriko Kojimahara, Noriko Kojimahara, Toshio Morizane, Toshio Morizane, Takeo Nakayama, Takeo Nakayama, Toshio Fukuoka, Toshio Fukuoka, Fujimi Kawai, Fujimi Kawai, Yasuto Sato, Yasuto Sato, Masahiro Yoshida, Masahiro Yoshida, Naohito Yamaguchi, Naohito Yamaguchi
    Japanese Pharmacology and Therapeutics 42 Jan. 2014
    The QUADAS (Quality Assessment of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies) tool, a quality assessment tool of diagnostic studies was developed in 2003, and thereafter the Cochrane Collaboration recommended QUADAS for use in systematic reviews of diagnostic accuracy. Following further revision, mainly by the GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation) working group, QUADAS-2 was released in 2011 (http://www.bris.ac.uk/quadas/). With the permission of the original authors, Japanese language localization was undertaken and released on the MINDS website in April 2014 (http://minds.jcqhc.or.jp/), and release on the QUADAS website is scheduled for May 2014. The original QUADAS tool includes 14 items assessing bias risk, applicability, and for reporting quality. The QUADAS-2 tool consists of 4 phases' 1) summarization of the review question, 2) tailoring of the tool and the production of review-specific guidance, 3) construction of a flow diagram for the primary study, 4) assessment of bias and applicability. The last phase is applicable to 4 domains: patient selection, index test, reference standards, and flow and timing. Each domain is assessed according to bias risk using signalling questions of "yes," "no," or "unclear." The first 3 domains are also assessed in terms of applicability. This tool will facilitate increased transparency in the rating of bias and improve applicability in the systematic review of diagnostic accuracy studies.
  • Clinical practice guidelines and systematic review
    Wentao Tang, Kiichiro Tsutani, Noriko Kojimahara, Fujimi Kawai
    Japanese Pharmacology and Therapeutics 42 189-197 Jan. 2014
    The definition of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) by Institute of Medicine (IOM, USA) was revised in 2011, and the term of "systematic review" (SR) was incorporated into this definition as the basis for CPGs development for the first time. In this review, we investigated the definitions and number of published SRs in the world. We also analyzed database records and the evidence used for answering clinical questions in Japanese CPGs that are selected by Minds (Medical Information Network Distribution Service), which works mainly as Japanese CPGs clearinghouse. We found 1) differences among the definitions or descriptions of SR published by different organizations (IOM, The Cochrane Library, PubMed) that may lead to differences in standards of CPGs development ; 2) publication by 31 Dec 2013 of approximately 5,500 SRs in the CDSR (Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews) and 13,000 SRs in DARE (Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects), respectively ; 3) comparing the CPGs selected by Minds before and after 2011, an increase in the proportion of CPGs without any record of database searches from 21.5% to 29.1% ; 4) use of not only SRs, but also observational studies and case studies to answer clinical questions. We recommend that CPG development groups consider the number, quality, and freshness of existing SRs as well as the reviews of SRs for developing high-quality CPGs in the future.
  • 診療ガイドライン作成のための文献検索:図書館員の役割と必要な知識
    日赤図書館雑誌 18(1) 16-20 Oct. 2011
  • 医学図書館の基礎知識
    北川正路, 北川正路, 児玉閲, 河合富士美, 坪内政義
    専門図書館(245) 2-7 Jan. 2011
  • Current Practice in Health Sciences Librarianship 第5回 V.3.Information Access and Delively in Health Sciences Libraries 情報へのアクセスと提供:急速な変化と図書館の役割
    医学図書館 55(2) 127-129 Jun. 2008
  • 日本のEBM揺らん期を総括する
    医学図書館 52(4) 364-368 Dec. 2005
  • くすりとエビデンス 19 エビデンスをつたえる 5 病院図書館員の役割
    EBMジャーナル 4(2) 218-222 Mar. 2003
  • EBMを支える人材の系統的な養成に関する調査研究
    緒方裕光, 津谷喜一郎, 名郷直樹, 中山健夫, 野添篤毅, 河合富士美, 山口直比古, 磯野威
    EBMを支える人材の系統的な養成に関する調査研究 平成14年度 総括研究報告書 1-211 2003
  • EBMとライブラリアン エビデンスを探す 情報源とその使い方
    病院図書館 22(4) 176-179 Nov. 2002
  • 第1回EBL研究会 病院図書館員によるCASPワークショップの試み
    河合富士美, 木下久美子, 熊谷智恵子, 小田中徹也, 首藤佳子, 浜口恵子, 林伴子, 福岡敏雄
    EBMジャーナル 3(3) 406-409 May 2002
  • Survey research on construction and utilization of the database for EBM in Japan. 2. The actual situation of utilization of the medicine and the medical information for general citizens in Japan. The survey at universities, hospitals, and public libraries
    日本におけるEBMのためのデータベース構築および提供利用に関する調査研究 平成13年度 総括・分担研究報告書 16-19 2002
  • Survey research on construction and utilization of the database for EBM in Japan. 1. The survey of demand for the medicine and the mdical information for general citizens.
    日本におけるEBMのためのデータベース構築および提供利用に関する調査研究 平成13年度 総括・分担研究報告書 7-15 2002
  • 患者及び家族の情報需要調査
    向田厚子, 阿部信一, 江口愛子, 河合富士美, 諏訪部直子, 土田理子, 真下美津子, 山口直比古
    医学図書館 48(4) 404-409 Dec. 2001
  • 患者および家族の情報需要に関する全国調査報告
    阿部信一, 江口愛子, 河合富士美, 諏訪部直子, 土田理子, 真下美津子, 向田厚子, 山口直比古
    医療情報学連合大会論文集 21st 636-637 Nov. 2001
  • Evidence-based Medicine. Support to EBM by Hospital Libraries.
    ほすぴたるらいぶらりあん 24(3) 225-229 Sep. 1999
  • The experience with Igaku Chuo Zasshi CD-ROM trial version in St. Luke's International Hospital Medical Library.
    オンライン検索 11(4) 170-177 Dec. 1990
  • Introduction of MEDLINE CD-ROM in hospital library: The case of the St. Luke's international hospital.
    オンライン検索 10(3) 138-141 Sep. 1989

Conference Activities & Talks

  • On‐line HDFの最新のエビデンス
    瀧史香, 河合富士美, 小松康宏
    日本透析医学会雑誌 May 2014
  • 日本における診療ガイドライン作成・公開状況に関する調査報告
    奥村晃子, 河合富士美, HTUN Nay Chi, HTUN Nay Chi, 畠山洋輔, 大上和代, 吉田雅博, 高橋奈津子, 菊田健太郎, 長門静, 小島原典子, 佐藤康仁, 清原康介, 山口直人
    J Epidemiol Jan. 2012
  • EBM普及啓発プロジェクトの実践:一般市民を対象としたMindsの取り組み
    畠山洋輔, 吉田雅博, 奥村晃子, 高橋奈津子, 菊田健太郎, 長門静, 佐藤康仁, 小島原典子, 河合富士美, 福岡敏雄, 中山健夫, 森實敏夫, 山口直人
    J Epidemiol Jan. 2012
  • Systematic Reviewに使用されるデータベースの動向:Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviewsの分析から
    河合富士美, 及川はるみ, 奥出麻里, 首藤佳子, 小田中徹也
    医学情報サービス研究大会抄録集 Jun. 2004
  • Evidence‐Based Medicine(EBM)―医学情報流通における費用負担の現状と課題
    小田中徹也, 奥出麻里, 及川はるみ, 河合富士美, 首藤佳子
    情報科学技術研究集会予稿集 Oct. 2003

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